When choosing a real estate professional, get to know their history!

We consider the satisfaction of our clients to be our greatest achievement, and take pride in our high volume of repeat business and referrals. Call us today we'd love to add you to this growing list!

Rob and Wendy

"Dave kept us informed and shared his knowledge without hesitation but his honesty was most important to us."

Ed and Katherine

"We were impressed with Dave's honesty and professionalism. Dave is always very friendly, polite and helpful. He is a very knowledgeable real estate expert and a super nice gentleman."


"Dave listened to what my needs and wants were and what I could afford. He was very patient and didn't pressure me into buying something I didn't want or couldn't afford. I felt very relaxed and comfortable when dealing with Dave."

Don and Karen

"Dave showed us homes within our budget and found the features that we required in our new home. He really understood our needs every step of the way."

Roger and Dory

"Dave always kept us informed and up to date. He really understood exactly what we were looking for, and what we wanted in our new home."

Ed L.

I would like to  recommend Mr. Dave Reiter to anyone who would like to buy a house in Vancouver, BC.

I have found him to be a highly competent realtor who is kind, honest, polite, on time and most importantly, he has a lot of patience to show and protect his clients.

I recommend  him highly to everyone who is looking to buy a house here in BC. 

Ed L.

Don C.

... we often comment how lucky we are to be in the house and grateful that you guided us here.  I recall you saying about other houses we looked at “Yeah, its nice.  But I think we can do better…”  and we did.  We got great advice from you [Jeff] – so thanks again.